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Custom Meal Plans / Nutritional Guide

I offer various custom meal plans and diversified healthy diet programs for all needs and tastes.  Lets discuss and select a plan or program below and achieve your weight loss, body shape or other goals with joy.

What is entailed
Detailed and delicious meals and foods – know what to eat, when to eat and learn right portion sizes. Grocery lists – know what and how much to buy, giving you complete control over meal planning process Easy, healthy, and tasty recipes Meal prep guides with CLEAR instructions Nutritional Values Motivation to get you started and keep going New cooking and fresh snack ideas I tailer each meal plan and diet program to your individual needs and goals.
How does the Meal Plans work?
Chat about what meal plan/nutritional guide you are wanting to do, and what fits and supports your goals and lifestyle at best Pay for your selected plan Fill in my Client Information Form After receiving your info, I will than start customizing your personal meal plan/nutritional guide. You will receive your meal plan up to 48 hours within receiving your Client Information Form NOW your ready to go shopping, prepare your delicious, healthy meals and start your NEW journey/lifestyle.
Monthly – 115$ + gst (on the 1st of EVERY month)
4 weeks – 110$ + gst
6 weeks – 120$ + gst
8 weeks – 150$ + gst
12 weeks – 180$ + gst

(if wanting to include fitness training pricing can be discussed)

Fitness Coaching

My fitness coaching online service is the best of our tailer-made online personal training plus a REAL coach (THATS ME) who is ALWAYS by your side. Take the first step to a healthy lifestyle.
I could write hours about it, I’m here to help you to stay in shape, and thats what I do. Not an automated app in which you enter some data and a computer creates your “personal” program for you. Some people okay, yes it works, but as for myself, I enjoy working together with my clients for which they don’t have a computer answering their questions it’s their REAL coach. My clients want a REAL person, a trustful trainer to talk to and build a professional, long-term relationship with.
What it includes?
Initial consultation with me flexible and fully individual training plans I’m beside you every step of the way, motivating, inspiring and holding you accountable Check ups with your coach as needed scheduled monthly consultation and feedback session unlimited direct contact Fitness app recommendations for you to hold yourself accountable. & much more
Monthly 125$ + gst (comes out 1st of EVERY month)
4 weeks 120$ + gst
6 weeks 140$ + gst
8 weeks 180$ + gst
12 weeks 220$ + gst

(if wanting to combine nutritional guide, we can discuss pricing)


Being a coach advisor to help you with making decisions, set and reach goals, and or deal with problems. Encouraging and council clients on a dance of professional and persona issues It goes from advice, consulting, counselling, mentoring and administrating therapy. Question is, when to hire a life coaching? when you need help with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.

* $130 hourly +gst

(if there is any question, please contact)

Online sessions available as well